Oak Wealth Advisors at 10 Years!

The following is my reflection on the journey we have been on at Oak Wealth Advisors since our inception ten years ago.  Thank you for helping us get where we are today. Over the last ten years, it has been a story of doing what people thought could not be done.  The experts in the…



Mike Walther honored in Investment News

‘SET HIGH GOALS’ About 11 years ago, financial planner Mike Walther enjoyed a good lifestyle, working for an advisory firm with a $5 million minimum. His wife asked him what he would find most rewarding in life going forward, and he realized he wanted to help families with special needs make better decisions and become…



Oak Wealth Advisors Make It Better | Jan-Feb 2017

We were honored to be asked by Make It Better Magazine to provide advice about special needs financial planning. As nice as the opportunity was to share our knowledge, we were even more grateful to read about how our clients, who are featured in the article, feel we have improved their lives



The North Shore Weekend article about Oak Wealth Advisors

Financial firm focuses on future of those with special needs …Walther compares himself to a pilot for the families. “Ninety percent of flights are not on course but over 99 percent land safely”, he said.  “People have retirement goals, and we can’t forget about their needs.  Maybe your goal is for all your kids to…


Special Needs, Special Planning

Featured on Inside Information Written by Bob Veres Approximately ten percent of all American families in America have one or more members who qualify as “special-needs” for financial planning purposes,” Mike Walther, of Oak Wealth Advisors, LLC, in Deerfield, IL, is telling me over breakfast at the AICPA PFP Conference in Las Vegas. “I’m shocked,” he…