Oak Wealth Advisors owner Mike Walther made a special visit to the Crumbl Cookies store in Northbrook. He made certain that Maddy Gillespie, daughter of Randi Gillespie, was working the morning he arrived. Although she was working in the back tediously folding pink Crumbl cookie boxes, Mike informed the front staff that he was only going to place his order with Maddy. Until that time, Maddy had never worked in the front of the store, nor had she ever “presented” the famous Crumbl cookie to any customer. That did not matter to Mike. He wanted to create an additional vocational experience for Maddy and of course, his request was granted!

Maddy greeted Mike, used the register with assistance as he placed the order, and presented him with the Crumbl cookie. This creative opportunity that was provided to Maddy was invaluable. Not just for her to recognize that she has the capability to perform other work-related tasks while gaining additional confidence, but that other employees were able to witness the interaction between them and recognize that she can do more.

Below is the picture of Maddy presenting Mike with his cookie that was on the TrueNorth804 Instagram Page.

Around Town with Mike Walther