Ryan McGuire was recently featured as a guest on the Healthy Love and Money podcast. In this insightful episode, Ryan provides a unique perspective on the intricacies of Special Needs Financial Planning, highlighting the tremendous benefits he has witnessed in the field.

Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Ryan McGuire! (01:14)
  • Balancing Financial Needs in Families (04:43)
  • Helping Families Gain Financial Clarity (07:33)
  • Supporting Adults with Disabilities with Estate Planning and Advocacy (11:24)
  • A Family Success Story Example from Oak Wealth Advisors (16:42)
  • Is There a Minimum of Income/Wealth to Get Special Needs Planning? (27:33)
  • Special Needs Trusts and Financial Planning (29:28)
  • Finding Qualified Attorneys (37:01)
  • Financial Challenges for Families with Permanent Disabilities (44:11)