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In addition to the individualized reporting that each client receives, Oak Wealth Advisors produces market updates… Below we have posted some recent market updates that have been distributed to clients.

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Reasons to Stay Invested During Recessions

Many stories have been written recently suggesting the economy is headed into a recession. Given that most recessions are officially diagnosed about a year after they are over, we wanted to share investment results from recent recessions and in the years immediately following them.

Q1 2022 Investment Market Summary


Q1 2022 Investment Market Summary

Welcome to the second quarter of 2022! Reflecting back on the first quarter, it could have been much worse for the investment markets. Earlier this month, Fortune Magazine ran an…



No Panic About Putin

We are so proud of our clients! Not one of you emailed last week panicking about your portfolio. Russia is invading Ukraine and nobody is panicking. We appreciate your confidence…



News update: Growth continues at Oak Wealth Advisors!

Tony Schneider adds his passion for serving others to the Oak Wealth Advisors team. Tony recently graduated with honors from DePaul University with a degree in Finance. Prior to graduation,…

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A Planning Gift for 2022 | We want to help… 2022 Key Numbers

We want to provide individuals and families with the information to achieve their planning goals for 2022. Below you will find a link to our 2022 Key Numbers. This document…

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Inflation and Social Security – Looking Ahead to 2022

It has been so long since inflation has been above its long-term average level of 3.2% that it is worth discussing its impact. With the higher inflation level we are...


Oak Wealth Advisors is Thrilled to Announce
Ryan McGuire Has Joined Our Firm

Ryan McGuire joins Oak Wealth Advisors in March of 2021 after spending nearly seven years working as a wealth manager within a large, multinational CPA firm. He brings his passion for serving families, like his own, who have loved ones with special needs. Embracing the mission of Oak Wealth Advisors, Ryan is looking forward to educating more families about planning opportunities and helping them maximize their resources.

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Investing Is Not A Game.Stop!
Is Your Portfolio Aligned With Your Goals?

The recent news about stock trading has generated a fair amount of confusion about how easy it is to make money in the stock markets. Individual investors, motivated by social…

Welcome to 2021 - Our shared thoughts on three topics…


Welcome to 2021 – Our shared thoughts on three topics…

We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us and thankful that you have survived what was a very difficult year. In our first 2021 communication to all…

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2021 Key Numbers | A Giving Tuesday Gift For Your 2021 Planning

Happy Giving Tuesday,
In the spirit of giving, Oak Wealth Advisors would like to share with you our annual 2021 Key Numbers document. We hope that it will assist you with your planning and be a useful resource for you in the coming year.

We wish everyone good health and much happiness throughout this holiday season and a successful launch into 2021.

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Cybersecurity Advice – Freeze your Credit

We want to share a piece of cybersecurity advice. FREEZE YOUR CREDIT.
There are three primary credit bureaus, and we recommend that you contact all three and request a freeze be put on your credit: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. If you are in the midst of buying a home, refinancing your mortgage, buying a car or other expensive item for which you will be taking out a loan, you will need to freeze your credit after you complete your transaction.

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Reporting Changes

As we have experienced in recent months, technology is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our lives. Technology has always been essential for our support of our clients at Oak Wealth Advisors.

This fall, we will be migrating to a new account management and reporting platform. It will allow us to provide you with more robust investment reporting, financial planning, and secure sharing of confidential documents. The new platform will also allow us new and better ways to share timely information with you. In short, the new technology we are adopting will allow us to serve you better.

Things are looking up… image of female looking up


Things are looking up…

As summer comes to an end and students attempt to return to school, we want to update you on what has been happening in the investment markets. Driven by three…



Schwab Purchase of TD Ameritrade Update

More than six months after Schwab agreed to purchase TD Ameritrade, the U.S. Government anti-trust hurdles were cleared last week allowing the companies to continue the process of combining their resources.

peoples hands on top of each other of all races | views on social justice


Oak Wealth Advisors Commentary on Social Justice

Our Views on Social Justice The status quo will not do. As a firm that views itself as a pioneer in the financial services industry, we want to reiterate our…

Time to make lemonade from the lemons


Time to make lemonade from the lemons

I hope everyone is sheltering safely and taking all necessary precautions.  Your health will always be more important than the size of your investment portfolio. While we are being bombarded…

Oak Wealth's thoughts about stock market recovery


Some Thoughts About The Stock Market Recovery

I greatly appreciate your patience with your investment portfolio during these stressful times.  As I have been explaining, the most effective way to grow your wealth is to not let…

Woman out in public with surgical mask. Smart investors don't panic


Smart Investors Don’t Panic Even When the News is Unsettling

This week has seen the world stock markets reverse from all-time highs into negative performance for 2020.  Despite the volatility and breathless reporting on the financial news networks, not one of our clients has called or emailed with concerns.  Kudos to all of you!  I am gratified that you understand that growing your wealth requires accepting some short-term market volatility.



SECURE Act Planning Opportunities for 2020

SECURE Act Summary Passed on December 20, 2019, the SECURE Act has a number of provisions that may impact your financial planning.  Below we have listed a few that will…



Enhancing Your Personal Data Security

To the extent that you would like to enhance your own data security, the three strongest recommendations we have are as follows: Use dual-factor authentication when you access any of…



How Oak Wealth Advisors Keeps Client Data Secure

Keeping your financial and personal data secure is very important to us.  We know how important it is to you.  The following is a list of steps we have taken…



Essential Numbers for 2019 Tax Returns and 2020 Planning

Below is the Oak Wealth Advisors Key Numbers document that has helped so many of our clients, friends, and fellow professionals with their planning.  If you have any questions about…

Investment-Portfolio-Update publication and signs


Investment Portfolio Update

As we approach the end of the third quarter, we want to update you on our views about the markets and the positioning of investments in your portfolio. YES –…



2019 Social Security Increases

While it will not be official until mid-October, it appears that Social Security benefits will be rising by 2.8% in 2019.  This will be the largest cost-of-living adjustment since 2012….



New Stock Market Record – Now what?

Wow! The stock market just set a record for the longest bull market period in history. A bull market is defined as a period during which the market is rising…



And Market Volatility is Back!

We all enjoyed the investment markets in 2017. The values of investments climbed gradually throughout the year with almost no declines. In fact, 2017 was a historically calm year in…



Key Tax Numbers for 2018

While we await the 1099s that report our taxable investment income and taxable IRA distributions for 2017, I wanted to share with you our 2018 Key Numbers document that highlights…



2018 – You are off to a great start!

In 2017, the investment markets delivered better than expected returns. As we begin 2018, the prospects remain good for another year of solid investment results. Corporate profits are growing, unemployment…

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