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Oak Wealth Advisors‘ Investment Principles are based on decades of investment research and market experience. There are five key concepts and six implementation guidelines.

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Trying to “beat the market” leads to frustration and unnecessary expenses.

Work with independent investment professionals who provide objective advice.

Asset allocations which are global in scope and encompass multiple asset classes can neutralize the risks associated with individual securities and markets.

You must be willing to accept more risk in order to pursue greater returns.

The asset classes included in a portfolio will be responsible for most of the variability of the portfolio’s return.


  1. Reduce Investment Expenses
  2. Minimize Taxes and Turnover
  3. Demand Transparency
  4. Diversify Systematically
  5. Maintain Investment Discipline
  6. Think Long-Term


In striving to help our clients make the most of their time and their money, Oak Wealth Advisors offers assistance in a number of areas of financial planning. View those services below.

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We project your future cash flows and net worth, analyze retirement account distribution alternatives, evaluate health insurance coverage, and simplify your accounts

We evaluate what withdrawal rates are sustainable for your portfolio, introduce tax-advantaged distribution strategies, and analyze current versus future lifestyle expenses

We explain and contrast various asset protection and gifting strategies, coordinate your goals and intentions with attorneys, and implement the changes to your accounts and beneficiaries based on your estate documents

We discuss your current and future charitable intentions, illustrate various transfer strategies, compare benefits and requirements of private foundations, charitable trusts, and donor advised funds

We estimate your insurable needs and existing coverage, compare current insurance policies with alternative structures, and discuss exposed financial risks

We actively harvest tax losses in the taxable investment accounts we manage, review itemized deductions, and coordinate tax minimization strategies with accountants

We analyze corporate stock option and restricted stock plans, compare health and disability insurance coverage alternatives, and evaluate deferral plan opportunities.