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Our Special Needs Services

Oak Wealth Advisors provides special needs planning and collaborates with other specialists and advisors to provide comprehensive and objective support to families with special needs members.

Legal Planning

Special needs attorneys play a critical role in the planning process for families with special needs members. Supplemental Needs Trusts, guardianship, and support in getting desired services and benefits are all reasons to work with attorneys.  We work with your attorneys and can introduce other attorneys who specialize in these areas.

Education Planning

Each person’s special education needs are different and the programs and services offered in different school districts can vary significantly. We help clients understand their rights to free appropriate public educations for their children and connect them with advocates and attorneys when the individualized education plans for their children are not meeting their needs. We also make referrals to specialists who help families place their children in schools and programs around the country to assist in their development.

Benefits Planning

Obtaining and maintaining access to benefit programs is a critical component of special needs planning. There are many different forms of aid available depending on the individual’s circumstances. It is also important to understand that many valuable programs are only available to special needs individuals who can qualify for them. Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare benefits are often available if the complex system for obtaining them is navigated correctly.

Income Tax Planning

Raising a child or caring for a parent or spouse with special needs is expensive. We help families with special needs members benefit from the deductions available to them and provide their accountants with comprehensive reporting that can help to minimize their tax preparation time and fees.

Residential Planning

The ages at which people will need residential solutions outside the home and the level of care required are often difficult to know with certainty in advance. We introduce agencies and help clients evaluate their alternatives and resources.

Social & Recreational Services

Helping those with special needs develop fully and enjoy life are objectives that we share with you. We introduce programs, groups, and agencies that provide opportunities for individuals with special needs to get the most out of life.

Vocational Planning

Employment brings many benefits to an individual in addition to the pay received. We help clients evaluate programs and establish networks for finding employment opportunities that are fulfilling for the individual with special needs.

Care Management

The challenges of providing care increase as the care givers of special needs members grow older. Insurance coverage, care providers, and care facilities all need to be re-evaluated on a regular basis. Proactive planning is essential as many agencies and desired supported living communities have long waiting lists.


Getting from here to there is often a challenge for an individual with special needs. We connect families with the various programs available through the transportation agencies and with other agencies that provide the additional training necessary to successfully navigate the public transportation system.

In addition to our services listed above, Oak Wealth Advisors develops and collects resources to assist you and your loved ones with special needs on your journey through life. Below are convenient links for you to explore…

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