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…Walther compares himself to a pilot for the families. “Ninety percent of flights are not on course but over 99 percent land safely”, he said.  “People have retirement goals, and we can’t forget about their needs.  Maybe your goal is for all your kids to go to college, or maybe it’s that you want your child with special needs to have safe housing and oversight and opportunities for employment.  These are not mutually exclusive. ”

At her desk down the hall, director of Special Needs Planning Randi Gillespie works with Walther’s clients to navigate everything except their financial needs.  She connects families with social services, educational resources and other support programs.

“I develop plans for families so that they feel they have a course for the lifespan of their family, not just for one child,” said Gillespie, a Northbrook  mother of three.  “There is no crystal ball for anyone, and the unexpected is very scary for people.  But there are benefits for the child and support for the family, no matter what they want to do – if they want to go to Disney World or college or something else entirely.”

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