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Top 10 Recommendations for Families with Children with Autism

Top 10 Recommendations for Families with Children with Autism
  1. Do not underestimate the challenges of raising multiple children when one or more have Autism – only parents facing the task truly understand the difficulties
  2. Find a balance between doing “normal” activities with your Autistic child and therapies and treatments – the “normal” activities are good for you and for them
  3. Recognize that structure is your friend – summer is often the most challenging season because kids are not in school
  4. Utilize all local resources – many fantastic organizations and agencies exist but you have to ask around to find them
  5. Appreciate great baby sitters – finding one in the first place is very difficult
  6. Understand that the primary reason for vacations is relaxation – going to distant locations is often a tremendous challenge while local vacations can provide valuable respite
  7. Record everything related to your child with special needs – documentation is critical for supporting your child’s current and future needs
  8. Think ahead as much as possible – it is easier to live day to day but you need to plan for the future
  9. Celebrate the little successes – everyone has successes and they should all be recognized regardless of their magnitude
  10. Share your experiences with others – networking with other parents facing similar challenges helps everyone who participates

These recommendations are provided solely as a reference and are not intended to replace counseling from qualified professionals.  Please contact Oak Wealth Advisors if you would like more information about our services.

Recommendations for Special Needs Families