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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents of Children with Special Needs

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents of Children with Special Needs
  1. I will take time caring for my own mental and physical health because I recognize that if I am not at my best, I cannot be the best parent possible.
  2. I will celebrate as many small achievements throughout the year as I can observe.
  3. I will schedule activities that get my entire family out into the community.
  4. I will laugh more. Raising a child with special needs is hard and laughing provides immediate stress relief and a reminder that there is joy interspersed among the challenges.
  5. I will get more comfortable with asking others for help.
  6. I will try to make it easier for others who want to help us to do so in a manner that will be welcomed by our family.
  7. I will continue to advocate on behalf of my child while encouraging him/her to enhance his/her own self-advocacy skills.
  8. I will seek new relationships with other parents facing similar challenges.
  9. I will find more information to assist my family with our activities or our challenges.
  10. I will hug and kiss my children every day.

Implement as many of these resolutions as you can. However, if you can only do one, make it #10.

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