To the extent that you would like to enhance your own data security, the three strongest recommendations we have are as follows:

  1. Use dual-factor authentication when you access any of your financial accounts online.  These include your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and investment accounts.
  2. Use strong passwords, update them frequently, and consider using an online password vault to the extent you cannot remember all your passwords.  A strong password is now considered to be one that has at least 14 characters and includes both letters and numbers as well as symbols.  Visit to learn more about creating strong passwords.
  3. Never respond to emails or texts from financial services firms by clicking on links in their correspondence.  You should login directly to their website or app and enter your password credentials to avoid being snagged by an advanced phishing scam. The sophistication of hackers is advancing faster than protections against them.  You must remain skeptical and vigilant with respect to all emails and texts you receive.
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