Keeping your financial and personal data secure is very important to us.  We know how important it is to you.  The following is a list of steps we have taken to maintain a secure data environment:

  • We work with an information technology services firm that has a stellar reputation in the financial services industry.  They manage our servers and have oversight on all of our connected devices.
  • We store all client data on offsite Amazon Cloud servers that are located in two different states and are backed-up at least twice a day.  The back-up recovery process is tested at least once a year.
  • We subscribe to the Advisor Armor service which provides cyber-security consulting and provides us with both ongoing cyber security education and employee testing.
  • We only email sensitive client information or financial data using Share File software which protects the data through the receipt of the files by the recipient with military level encryption.
  • We store a few client documents in paper format, and they are stored in a locked file cabinet that can only be accessed by me.
  • We prohibit storing confidential client data on any laptops or smartphones.
  • We require passwords for accessing all data and dual-factor authentication is required for access to any web site that contains client financial information.
  • We insist on verbally confirming with clients all wire transfers or other financial distributions to any third parties.

We will continue to add security measures as they become available to help ensure that your confidential data stays as safe and private as possible.