My daughter Maddy is learning how to cook and it is a life skill she enjoys developing.  When cooking and baking in the kitchen, we read recipes together while she measures and mixes ingredients and operates the oven and stove.  She then plates the meals and cleans the dishes.

From day one of being home-bound, I surrendered, raised my white flag, and announced, “I will not be sweating the small stuff.” I am trying not to worry about the amount of flour and sugar that ends up on the floor or the number of pots and pans that need to be scrubbed.

Learning how to utilize kitchen tools to make food she wants to eat is not just a life skill for Maddy, it is a pathway to living more independently.  Her brownies with double chocolate chips, lasagna, quesadillas, tacos and turkey burgers have all been created during the last week with hard work and patience.  The hard work and patience she displays in the kitchen need to continue to be applied to other areas of her life as she works to become a successful adult.

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