Having thorough and current medical records can often be the difference between receiving or being denied benefits.

Once benefits are in place, records need to be maintained.  It is common for insurance companies and the government to require individuals to prove that they still have a condition or disability years after the initial diagnosis has been established.  This video provides more information about the importance of medical records.

Maintaining Inadequate Medical Records for your Special Needs Planning is another mistake. Here is why and what you should do… Medical record keeping can be burdensome and at times depressing. However, the benefits of having comprehensive medical records exceed the challenges. In order to qualify for both means-tested, like Medicaid and SSI, and no asset limitation benefits such as SSDI and Medicare, individuals must be able to prove their disability. The government requires medical records, including written letters from physicians, to confirm disabilities. ABLE [pronounced “able”]accounts also require individuals to have documentation of a qualifying medical disability in order to qualify. Future care givers will also be better equipped to keep your loved one healthy, if detailed medical records are available for review. These are some reasons why maintaining up to date medical records is essential. To find out more about medical records and special needs planning, contact us today.