As we have experienced in recent months, technology is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our lives. Technology has always been essential for our support of our clients at Oak Wealth Advisors.

This fall, we will be migrating to a new account management and reporting platform. It will allow us to provide you with more robust investment reporting, financial planning, and secure sharing of confidential documents. The new platform will also allow us new and better ways to share timely information with you. In short, the new technology we are adopting will allow us to serve you better.

This software will operate behind the scenes at Oak Wealth Advisors and will not require you to sign any forms nor will you need to change the custodian where you hold your investments.

One of the immediate impacts of the switch to the new platform will be the need to adjust a few of the investment benchmarks against which we evaluate your portfolio performance. There will be no impact to your actual performance. The difference is that some of the asset class benchmarks used in the past are no longer available.  We will be using some new asset class benchmarks on a going forward basis.

The following are the details for these benchmark changes:


International Equity
Real Estate
Complementary Strategies


Dow Jones World (Ex-U.S.)
Dow Jones Wilshire REIT
C.P.I. + 3%


MSCI All-Country World Index (Ex-U.S.)
Wilshire Focused Liquid Alternatives

If you have any questions about the changes to the indexes we will be using, please let us know. We will be sharing more details about the new client service platform in the coming months.

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