With food prices soaring, is your loved one with special needs taking advantage of their right to have the government pay for their groceries?

Using a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) card, they could be receiving up to $250 per month in free food. All individuals receiving means tested benefits are eligible.

The rise in inflation to 40-year highs has increased food costs at restaurants and in grocery stores. It is a shame when eligible individuals fail to utilize a SNAP card to minimize the impact food costs have on their budgets. With annual inflation adjustments to SNAP benefits, full utilization of the SNAP card over 60 years as an adult could be worth around $200,000. This is an entitlement benefit that should not be overlooked.

Recent technology enhancements allow SNAP card holders to use their food benefit online. Groceries can be purchased on the internet from many grocery chains as well as Amazon.com. In fact, after uploading the SNAP card details along with a debit or credit card, Amazon will automatically charge all eligible food purchases to the SNAP card up to the balance on the card. Any non-eligible purchases or amounts over the limit get charged to the card on file. Using this approach, the individual cannot make a mistake using SNAP for an ineligible purchase.

Using a SNAP card has the added benefit of helping an individual develop their independence. The types of items that can be purchased are limited, and the monthly preset amount prevents overspending, making the SNAP card a wonderful introduction to the world of debit cards and credit cards.

Whether it is a SNAP card or other available benefits, Oak Wealth Advisors is here to help ensure your loved ones take advantage of all their financial planning resources. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss how to maximize your family’s opportunities.

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