On March 8th, Dr. McDonald released her groundbreaking Autism research in a webinar that we were honored to present. One observer referred to the research as Nobel Prize worthy. If you or your colleagues were unable to attend the live presentation, please watch it and let us know what you think.

Watch newly released webinar video below:

Enlightening research that will be of interest to the Special Needs Community especially those with loved ones with Autism.

Dr. T.A. Meridian McDonald, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Research Instructor in Neurology, presents her newest research for the first time to the general public. This presentation was taped in front of a live Zoom audience March 8, 2021.

“Up until now there have been a lot of theories about the possible causes of Autism but none of those theories account for the majority of autism cases,” McDonald said. “There are also a lot of theories as to why the prevalence of Autism has been increasing in the population, but to date, there hasn’t been a theory that provides an explanatory model that accounts for all of those phenomena, including the genetics, social history, or characteristics of Autism”.


Now, a new unifying theory, consistent with the current science of Autism, accounts for all of these phenomena and addresses the big questions in Autism:

  • What is Autism?
  • Why is there such wide variation in Autism characteristics?
  • Why is the prevalence of Autism increasing? Why do there seem to be so many disabilities and risk factors associated with Autism?
  • Why do children and adults with Autism have positive qualities — qualities that may occur at a higher rate in Autism?
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