Special Needs Planning Mistake 5 Missing Government Benefits for Which You are Eligible

…such as SSI, Medicaid, Social Security Disability. Read why it is a mistake to not have these in place…

For individuals with a significant disability, SSI is often their sole source of income and Medicaid is their only medical insurance. While these government benefits are important, there may be others you’re entitled to, but are unaware of. Some examples include: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, card for up to $200 a month for food. Medicare insurance, once a parent begins receiving Medicare, the child with a disability becomes eligible 24 months later. This Medicare insurance is in addition to Medicaid insurance. Social Security Disability income – When a parent reaches full retirement age, their child with a disability, and no work record, is eligible for income based on their parent’s work record. Many individuals with disabilities can also qualify for the Housing Choice Voucher Program to cover some, or all of their rent.

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