In the same way we are conditioned to call 911 in an emergency, individuals suffering from a mental health crisis or emotional distress can soon call or text 988 and receive help.

Beginning July 2022, this universal mental health crisis service number will route individuals to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The 988 number is intended to be a faster, easier way for an individual to receive supports and avoid the overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and law enforcement officers who are less prepared to answer or handle a mental health crisis.

Once connected, a trained mental health professional will provide localized supports which may include a mobile crisis team, stabilization crisis facility information, or outpatient care resources.

The pandemic has disrupted the health care system and has made it challenging for many people to access vital mental health services. Within the last year alone, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports phone calls associated with mental health have increased by 120% while calls associated with suicidal ideations have grown 170%.

The current administration’s proposed budget has allocated $102 million for the transition to 988. However, individual states need to develop their own funding and implementation plan which include the hiring and training of qualified mental health professionals and facilities in which individuals can receive evaluations, care, and referrals for more long-term treatment if needed.

As we get closer to the live launch date of 988, Oak Wealth Advisors will continue to share updates.

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