I hope everyone is sheltering safely and taking all necessary precautions.  Your health will always be more important than the size of your investment portfolio.
While we are being bombarded with scary news stories every day, Oak Wealth Advisors has been looking to make lemonade out of the lemons we are being given. The following are the latest offerings on our lemonade stand.


  1. Tax Payment Deadlines Extended – Federal income tax filings and tax payments that were scheduled for April 15th are now deferred until July 15th. No payments are due on April 15th for 2019 balances due or Q1 2020 Estimated Taxes. The deadlines for State income tax filings vary widely. Please contact your accountant or your state’s website for the current extension date. You should file your 2019 taxes early if you are expecting a refund.
  2. Gasoline Prices are Falling – Lower prices at pumps should last for several months.  At a time when oil and gasoline supplies were rising, demand has been significantly reduced leading to much lower prices at gas stations.
  3. Spending Time with Kids – Many clients lament how they wish they could have spent more time with their kids during their working years.  For those of you who are actively employed with school-age children, you will be seeing much more of your kids for the next couple of months.


  1. Tax Loss Harvesting – We will be selling mutual funds and other investments in taxable accounts where we can capture losses.  We will then reinvest the proceeds in similar investments to enable participation in the market recovery.  The result will be an ability to reduce your 2020 taxable investment income without impairing your portfolio’s ability to recover when the markets do.
  2. Rebalancing – We will be rebalancing portfolios according to the parameters set by each client’s investment policy. This process ensures the proper of amount of risk in each portfolio and it aligns the portfolios to participate in the market recovery.
  3. Mortgage Refinancing – Mortgage rates are dropping, and this may be best opportunity to refinance your mortgage that we have had in a decade.  The challenge will be getting the attention of your banker or mortgage broker as they are working remotely and fielding many calls and emails.  Interest rates have been volatile, like the rest of the market, making it hard for lenders to settle on specific rates to offer to borrowers. We would be happy to help you provide your lender with whatever financial information they want for your financing.


  1. Online Groceries – A recent survey found that over the last four weeks, 40% of the U.S. population ordered groceries online for the first time.
  2. Web Conferences – Oak Wealth Advisors is not alone in leaning heavily on technology to share information and stay connected with our clients and planning partners.
    Many will find that the new technology makes connecting for video conferences almost as easy as making a phone call.
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