Our Views on Social Justice

The status quo will not do.

As a firm that views itself as a pioneer in the financial services industry, we want to reiterate our views on social justice.

Nobody should live in fear.

Nobody should have their rights marginalized.

Nobody should feel alone.

Our firm’s focus on helping families with loved ones with special needs provides us with a lens through which we can view the frustrations of many in society who feel marginalized or ignored. While we can never fully understand the feelings of others because we have not lived their experiences, we do understand how harsh society can be to those with less ability to be heard and represented.

We are proud that our client base consists of individuals and families with a variety of ages, skin colors, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and challenges. Diversity makes our country special and we embrace it as a firm.

We do not have all the answers. However, we will:

  • Be kind
  • Listen in order to better understand
  • Ask questions so that others can be heard
  • Support those who reach out for help
  • Share our knowledge and resources
  • Inspire others to reach for more

Our approach to serving families remains unchanged from when the firm was launched over a decade ago to provide objective, fiduciary financial planning.