Special Needs Planning Mistake 4 Failing to Communicate Your Intentions to Your Relatives

According to our financial planner for those of Special Needs, failing to communicate your intentions to your relatives is a mistake. Do you have a Trustee or Guardian? Nobody wants to see a lifetime of hard work go to waste after they die. The key to ensuring that your loved one with special needs lives a full life with the best care is communication with those who play important roles. While it can be difficult to have a discussion about what will happen when you die, it is essential. Some relatives will expect to be a playing a role, while others will have no expectations. If there is a relative you plan to designate as a Trustee, Guardian or care provider, it’s far better to let them know now. The advance notice provides you time to find another individual, if the person you designated declines. Also, by informing them now, and sharing your Care Guide or Letter of Intent, you can answer any questions they may have. Once you’ve made the initial communication, be sure to update those involved as the planning changes. Talk to Oak Wealth Advisors about your options and learn more about this and other Special Needs recommendations and resources – visit: https://oakwealth.com/special-needs-resources/