As the year comes to a close and we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope all of us will take time to think about what we have in our lives for which we are truly thankful. It may be people, health, our careers, our experiences, or even some material things.

I think most of us will agree that material things or how much money we have is nowhere near the top of our list. Even in the wake of the worst recession of our lifetimes, we tend to appreciate people that are important to us, and our health which enables us to enjoy our time with them, more than anything else. In fact, in over two decades of working with clients both approaching retirement and in retirement, I have never heard any of them say that they wished they had worked harder to have more money or things. Conversely, almost all of them who said they would do something differently suggested that they would have preferred to have worked a little less and spent more time with family and friends.

I am truly grateful for my family, friends, clients and colleagues who all motivate me in different ways to be a better person. I continue to learn from you and all my relationships. I love being able to go to my office to help you and others solve financial problems and improve your financial position.

It never feels like work. I take great satisfaction in knowing that you have your priorities in order and trust that your financial matters are being managed prudently and in accordance with your wishes.

If there are financial challenges facing your family or friends that we have not addressed in the past year, I hope you will bring them to my attention. Removing financial concerns and providing you with peace of mind is what I strive to do. My underlying goal for every client relationship is to do my job well enough that all you have to do is focus on the things in your life that matter most with the complete confidence that your financial matters are in good hands.

Thank you for your trust in me and your loyalty. I truly appreciate it. I hope that you will find the time this holiday season to let all the important people in your lives know how much you appreciate them.

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